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11/8/03 Little Bros.  Columbus, OH


Clean the Pipes, Canines, Party Next Door, Itcha, Safety Ship, Fine Tune, Wanna Be..., Back in the Shade*, Sold, Joe Cain> Take Two, Ida, Blinded By Science, Nune Though, Mineshaft


E: Enough is Alot> @ the Screen


*1st time played


11/1/03 Halloween Mainstage Athens, OH


Boy*, Wanna Be..., Running Man Intro>Little Man>California Love**, Nune Thought> Itcha, @ the Screen

*w/ Star Wars Tease
**w/ Hruby singing as Arnold
###Entire show/band costumes done to Running Man Theme###


10/31/03 Blue Gator Athens, OH


I. Ida, Felt, One Thing, Safety Ship, Itcha, The Room, Mineshaft*

II. Emminence, Wanna Be...**, Pipes> Just Fine, Fine Tune, Canines>Enough is Alot>Canines#>@ the Screen

E: Sycamore Mines> Mary Jane> Ophelia
E2: St. Nichols

*w/ Land Down Under Tease
**Michael Jackson Cover, 1st Time Played
#w/ St. Nichols and Enough is Alot Teases


10/26/03 The Hook Brooklyn, NY

Unsolved Mysteries> Enough is Alot, Canines, One Thing, Mora Mora, Itcha, Mary Jane> Emminence, Joe Cain> Boy, Just Fine


10/25/03 Booze Cruise Philadelphia, PA

I. Sycamore Mines

II. Safety Ship*, Joe Cain>Pipes, Ophelia, Ida, @ the Screen

*cruise ship took off at beginning of jam
**Later that night Hruby jammed with Hookah on Highway 61 and Knight Rider


10/??/03 The Booth

I. Impy Limpy> Sycamore Mines>Ophelia, Joe Cain>Boy, Word, Knight Rider> Itchafunkinmesh


II. Impy (kickin beats jam) > Safety Ship, One Thing > Rickshaw > "Exodus" jam > Rickshaw, Canines, Screen


III. Land Down Under, Ida Weller, Join Together, Clean the Pipes


10/??/03 Cumberlands
Impy > Ophelia >Just Fine, At the Screen, One Thing, Enough is a lot, The March of St. Nichols


10/11/03 Blue Gator Athens, OH


I. Unsolved Mysteries> Sycamore Mines> Just Fine, Joe Cain> The Word, Felt, Clean the Pipes> Star Wars Jam>Clean the Pipes, Livin In America


II. Files> Room, Hungry like the Wolf, Temperance, Safety Ship, Enough is Alot> Q'Lei's Gold


10/10/03 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH


I. Joe Cain>Mora Mora, Rich Man> Nune Thought, Safety Ship> Drums (mixer)> At the Screen, Rider's B-Day Jam, Knight Rider> St. Nichols

II. Files> Unsolved Mysteries> Rickshaw> Ophelia, 4 Curls*, Enough is Alot**, Pipes, Itchafunkinmesh, Livin In America, Ida Weller*, Sycamore Mines

* w/ Curls ( The person 4 Curls was written about) **w/ Matt of Perpetual Groove


10/8/03 Canal St. Tavern Dayton, OH


Worms jam>Mora Mora, Safety Ship, Estonia Bologna*, Ophelia, Boy**> Blinded me by Science, Skippy, 2 Stories, Rich Man, Felt, My Lie, Maze intro> At the Screen 

* Dedicated to Arnold and his winning of the Election. w/ Running Man Quotes **w/ Nune Thought and Blinded teases


10/4/03 Mad Frog's Cincinnati, OH


Impy> Hey Bird, Ophelia, Canines, Little Man>Worms Ahead> Safety Ship, Enough is Alot>Skippy> Knight Rider*>Jam>Temperance, Nune Thought, Rich Man> Ida> Felt

*just Hruby and Drew


10/3/03 The Stadium Oxford, OH


I. Impy> Safety Ship, Mellow Mood> 4 Curls, Estonia*, The Word, @ the Screen, My Lie

II. Files> Sycamore Mines> Mary Jane> Boy>Knight Rider> Just Fine> Mora Mora, Enough is Alot

E: Pipes

*w/ Boy Teases


9/27/03 PourHaus Centerville, OH


I. Emminence Front> Jam>Just Fine, Blinded By Science, Itcha, Canines, The Word, Ida Jam>Ida Weller

II. Knight Rider> Mora Mora, Moon B-Day Jam, Monkey Man, Estonia*, Zooter> St. Nichols

III. Land Down Under, Spy Hunter Jam> 2 Stories, Safety Ship> Nune Thought, Ophelia**>Sycamore Mines>Felt

*w/ Boy tease
**w/ Violent Femmes "Blister in the Sun" tease


9/26/03 Terrapin Hill Music Festival Harrodsburg, KY


Jam> Safety Ship, Emminence Front, Itcha, Just Fine>St. Nichols>Enough is Alot, Ophelia, Pipes, Mora Mora, @ the screen


9/20/03 Oak Ridge Music Festival  Scottown, OH


Jam, The Word, Estonia Bologna, Join Together>Mora Mora, Monkey Man, Itcha, Knight Rider*>Land Down Under>St. Nichols>Just Fine>Safety Ship, Nune Thought Pipes Tease Intro>@ the screen (the whiskey version), Thriller>Ida, My Lie, Shape I'm In, Hey Bird> Pipes, Little Man

E: Rich Man

*w/ Nune Thought Teases


9/17/03 Pawpurr's Athens, OH


Shape I'm In> Jam> Worms Tease> Jam> Rickshaw> Jam> Rickshaw, Just Fine> Enough is Alot> Safety Ship, Emminence, Ida Weller*, March of St. Nichols

Jam> Joe Cain> Pipes, Rich Man, Mora Mora, The Word, Knightrider, Itcha, Nune Thought, Ophelia, @ the Screen,
E. Monkey Man

*Dedicated to J.R.


9/7/03 Farm Aid Germain Ampitheater Columbus, OH


1st set: Safety Ship, Mora Mora   *Dave Matthews Band*  2nd Set:  Emminence Front, @ the Screen   *John Cougar Mellencamp*  3rd Set:  Nune Thought, Rich Man   *Willie Nelson and Neil Young*

9/6/03 Highland Jam  ????????, ??


Mora Mora, Safety Ship, March, Enought, Land Down Under, Itcha, Nune Thought, My Lie


9/5/03 Harvest Jam Xenia, OH


Jam>Joe Cain, Clean the Pipes, Safety Ship, Emminence Front>St. Nichols, Just Fine, Take Two, Chubby B-Day Jam, Canines, Rich Man, Mora Mora


E: @ the Screen


8/29/03 Canal Club ????, OH


I. Joe Cain> Sycamore Mines, The Word, Just Fine, Land Down Under, Nervending, Monkey Man, Nune Thought

II. Canines, Rich Man, Mora Mora, Safety Ship, Emminence Front, My Lie, Blinded me w/ Science, March of St. Nichols


8/28/03 The Balcony Oxford, OH


I. Jam>4 Curls, Just Fine, The Word, @ the Screen, Ida Jam>
Land Down Under, St. Nichols>Livin in America

II. Joe Cain>Nune Thought, Rich Man, Canines, Monkey Man, Mora Mora>Nervending*, Mineshaft**, Enough is Alot>Pipes

E: My Lie

*w/ Take Two tease
**By birthday request



8/16/03 Audio Van Gogh (Hruby's Solo Project) AndyMan's Treehouse Columbus, OH


Pickin In the Lack>Nune Thought*>Superstition*#>Nicotine And Gravy*#>Arnold Jam*#$>Last Call Jam*#

*w/ Mark on bass

#w/ Art from Jaywalkin

$w/ Running Man Theme





7/31/03 The New Grog Shop, Cleveland, OH


Safety Ship, 2 Stories, Come In, Sycamore Mines >Joe Cain > Shape I'm In, The March of St. Nichols, Canines, Land Down Under, Clean The Pipes, Little Man > Major League quotes > Little Man, Fiona Taylor, ????, ????


7/30/03 Newport Music Hall Columbus, OH


Joe Cain>Nune Thought, Felt, Ophelia, Canines, Sycamore Mines*>Sad Lady of the Low Life>@ the Screen, Safety Ship, Little Man>Running Man Quotes>Little Man>Clean the Pipes

*w/ Mike of Local Color


7/26/03 Tabfest Mendon, OH


Nune Thought, Safety Ship, A Celtic Lullaby, One Thing Leads To Another, March of St. Nichols, Canines, Monkey Man, Nervending, Drums(mixer)>Natural One>Felt, Ida Weller, Joe Cain>Clean the Pipes


7/24/03 Mad Frog's Cincinnati, OH


Canines, Safety Ship, Sycamore Mines> Joe Cain, Zooter> March of St. Nichols, Take Two, Just Fine, Fine Tune, Monkey Man, Shape I'm In, Come In, @ the Screen, Mora Mora*, Nervending*, Emminence Front, Skippy

*w/out Jr.




I.  Hey Bird, Clean the Pipes, March of St. Nichols,  A Celtic Lullaby, Joe Cain>Boy, Felt


II.  Skippy, Monkey Man, Canines, Come In, Nervending, Safety Ship, Fine Tune, Mora Mora, Itchafunkinmesh


7/3/03 Ruby Tuesdays Columbus, OH Red White and Boom

Jam > Sold > Jam > Rickshaw > Jam > Blinded me with Science *, Come in^, Cannines, Itcha, Fionna Taylor, Safety Ship, Little Man > Unsolved Mysteries > Sycamore Mines^ > Unsolved Mysteries > Little Man, ???, Clean the Pipes

*with Unsolved Mysteries jam
^with J.R. on vocals


6/28/03 Jack Quinn's  Covington, KY

I. Rickshaw, Clean the Pipes, Emminence Front, Safety Ship, Joe Cain, Hey Bird, At the Screen

II. 4 Curls, St. Nichols, Sycamore Mines> Mary Jane>Boy, Canines, Itchafunkinmesh, My Lie, Party Next Door, Fine Tune>Spy Hunter>Fine Tune, Q'Lei's Gold

E: Ida Weller

*dedicated to Jr. who no longer masturbates with his right hand*

**Entire show without Jr.**


6/21/03 The Stadium Oxford, OH


I. Rickshaw, Itchafunkinmesh, Shape Im In, Canines, Joe Cain, Monkey Man, Clean the Pipes, Safety Ship


II.  Felt, My Lie, Spyhunter,  March of St. Nichols, One Thing Leads to Another,  Nune Thought, Join Together, Humma Humma

6/20/03 Tune Town

Impy Limpy>Joe Cain>Fine Tune>Spyhunter>Fine Tune, Hey Bird, Give me the weed jam>
Canines, Emminence Front, Take Tune Town, Mary Jane, C.T., Safety Ship, March of St. Nichols, Temperence


6/7/03 Hempfest Mirror Lake @ OSU Campus Columbus, OH

Canines, Mary Jane> Nune Thought, Monkey Man, C.T.> Spy Hunter> Joe Cain> My Lie, Safety Ship, Fine Tune