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11/17/03- Finally updated.  Recent Setlists has been updated.  If you have any current setlists please email me them.  I'm out of town currently, so can't write them down.  Help a Possum out.

9/25/03-  It's been a while since I've updated but I've been pretty busy this last month.  Guest is back in full swing minus one.  JR has left to pursue other things.  But the band is not lacking in the slightest. Next month should be sick.  All those Ohio shows so close together should make for a nice tour.  Terrapin Hill and Centerville are this weekend.  Those should turn out to be two killer shows.  Th Recent Setlists section has been updated with all the new setlists.  Also be on the lookout for a new BnP of the Month shortly.

8/22/03- Just thought I'd update as we near the end of this month without the band we all know and love.  I went to the Audio Van Gogh show in Columbus at Andyman's and got to see Hruby, Mark and Art from Jaywalkin tear it up.  We've gotta have some more AVG shows like that one.  Guest has announced a ton of fall dates and I for one am hella stoked.  Guest in Dayton!!! You know I'm down for that one.  Make sure to go to Harvest Jam.  It's going to be Guest and a ton of other sweet bands.  Only 20 bucks too!!! Can't beat that.  Also, if you're at Hookahville next weekend, be on the lookout for me and say hey.  It'll be my 21st B Day so watch out!!!!  I'll have copies of Entrance with me for sale and you'll get a free live disc with it, so bring 10 bucks and get yourself a copy.  Hell, if you already have a copy, buy another.

7/25/03-  I thought I'd updates as a recover from 3 nights of Phish and a night of Guest.  I went to the Mad Frog's show and it was great to see JR had a speedy recovery.   To see the setlist, check out my newly added Recent Setlists page.  I figure since we haven't seen an update on's setlist page since may  I'd hook you up with the latest setlists here.  Go to the Newport on Wednsday so you can see Guest before they take a month break.  It's gonna be a killer show.

7/12/03- Well, It's been a while, but I finally updated.  The Jack Quinn's show was killer, despite the lack of JR.  He has a hairline fracture in his wrist he got from rollerblading so he can't play for a short while.  You can check out the setlist here.  It's a good one.  Also, don't forget to go to Tabfest.   It's only 20 bucks for a lot of good music.  I'll be there and you should too.  Also I've just got a new show courtesy of Wayne, so It's the New BnP of the Month.  Check it out and if you want it, email me.

6/25/03-  Well, not much has been going on besides some audio van gogh shows.  To see some recent setlists Click Here.  I'll be at the Jack Quinns show video taping, so if you see me say hey. 

6/18/03-Sorry for the lack of updates as of late, but I've been busy lately.  Saw a nice one setter at Hempfest.  The boys had a brief problem when the power going to the PA cut out, but they kept jammin and never missed a beat.  Here's the setlist for that one:
6/7/03 Hempfest-Mirror Lake @ OSU Campus Columbus, OH

Canines, Mary Jane> Nune Thought, Monkey Man, C.T.> Spy Hunter> Joe Cain> My Lie, Safety Ship, Fine Tune
Do not worry about the Monthly BnP, it shall be changed soon,  just waiting on a package so I can offer up the  Cabin Live show.  Also, in  case you didn't know on the official page's merch section, you can get signed posters of the Newport/Blue Gator shows, and Cabin Live.  So check that out. 

6/03/03-  Last weekend may have possibly been the best weekend of my life.  2 insane nights of Guest Goodness.  Everyone left the shows with huge grins and even the band said that Blue Gator was the best show they've ever played.  Thanks to Guest, Vince, Billy, Lou, the Film Crew and all the Guesticles for making this weekend incredibly kick ass.  To see the Newport Setlist Click Here.   And to see the Blue Gator setlist Click Here.  This upcoming weekend Guest will be playing Hempfest which will be a free festival in Columbus.  I think Guest comes on at Noon.  It's gonna be a good time so be there.  Bobby, who by the way is one killer photographer, has made a wallpaper with one of the newport pics to get that Click Here.  Also, there will be a new BnP up for grabs soon so be on the lookout for that.

5/26/03- has an article about the DVD filming coming up this weekend.  The link to that is on the guest resource page.  Wayne just sent me the setlist for the brickyard show.  So here it is:
The Brickyard
Columbus, Oh

Joe Cain, Boy>, Hey Bird, Mellow Mood, 2 Stories, Fiona, Safety Ship, March of St. Nichols, Enough is Alot, Canines, Land Down Under, @ The Screen, Monkey Man, Ida Weller, Itchafuckinmesh, Humahnmanukanukauapua

5/20/03-   The long awaited setlists for the last few shows have finally been posted on the guestbook.  Click Here   to check that out. 

5/17/03-  Guest did a surprise show in Athens at Pawpurrs on Wednsday.  I only have the setlist for the first set but here it is:
Set One:
Going Back to Lima Jam> back in the box>Sycamore Mines>Jam in E>peter
gunn>come in, one thing leads to another, wrong lot, felt, shape,
Not bad looking at all.  Also at the Newport show last night, Joel from Umphrey's jammed with Guest on 2 Stories.  Wish I could've been there for that one.